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Practice is only thing that matters

Software development is not the God given talent. Yes, it is true that some people are genetically prepositioned to be better in that area, just the same as Math, Science, learning languages or fixing cars. But that will give you only small percentage of advantage over the less talented. You will not become a professional […]

Work ’till you drop dead

I always listen to the story that person cannot become an excellent developer if he/she only work at his/ her job and do not do any side-projects or read at ones free time at home. So let us analyze if that is correct. The argument is that in order to become great software developer it […]

Preparing for your first job

It’s your first day at your new job. You are hired as a software developer. You get read and write permissions for the project you are going to work on. You start reading the code and as you go deeper and deeper into it, you start getting a panic attack. This is not what the […]

Being a professional programmer

In this article I will tell you about my story of becoming the professional programmer. I have been programmer for 9 years now. For the most of that period I was not the professional one. Not that I did not work in companies for money (which could be the definition of being professional in some […]

Why we fail to finish side projects?

I can’t think about single developer who hasn’t tried or thought about starting a side project. But most of those side projects are never finished. Most of them are never even started. So what is the problem?