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Value Object vs Entity

What is Value Object, what is Entity and why should we care? Let’s take two examples, Currency and Person. But before we start, let me give you an answer right away. Currency is value object and Person is entity. Why? Currency is something that has clear value that does not change easily. For example, Dollar […]

Architectural Styles Explained in PHP

You can decide on many architectural approaches and styles when starting new PHP application. This will be very superficial overview of different architectures, but it will be enough for you to start thinking about different ways you can structure your application. I picked four to talk about. Three will be in this post and the […]

Logging everything

You are gonna make bugs and they are gonna end in production. That is the fact. Now the question is did any of You ever had to read bug report from customer about what they did to produce that bug? Most of the time is a mess isn’t it? You can’t relay on that. You […]

Don’t overthink, Ship!

I hate my code. It’s true. I never wrote a single line of code that I liked the day after. You could ask a question that if I hate my code so much, how do I have the nerves to release anything to the world? And that’s the thing. I don’t overthink. Because if developers […]