Smart software development


Webpack Basics Explained

I am primarily a backend developer, but I love fiddling with Javascript. Yeah I know, that’s strange, but I don’t find annoying to sometimes write some CSS or some frontend logic in JS. But I had a problem. I haven’t had any chance to develop anything on fronted for couple of years. Before that I […]

Why we fail to finish side projects?

I can’t think about single developer who hasn’t tried or thought about starting a side project. But most of those side projects are never finished. Most of them are never even started. So what is the problem?

Logging everything

You are gonna make bugs and they are gonna end in production. That is the fact. Now the question is did any of You ever had to read bug report from customer about what they did to produce that bug? Most of the time is a mess isn’t it? You can’t relay on that. You […]

Don’t overthink, Ship!

I hate my code. It’s true. I never wrote a single line of code that I liked the day after. You could ask a question that if I hate my code so much, how do I have the nerves to release anything to the world? And that’s the thing. I don’t overthink. Because if developers […]

Making your first Test

So You decided that it’s time to start doing TDD. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is recommending it. But now the difficult part comes in. You have a task to make a website. How to write your first test?

Why start with Test Driven Development

If You are anything like me, the most difficult part of some process is the start. When I want to do something for the first time, I always have difficulties beginning, and because of that a lot of my side-projects I had never started doing. So the technique to fight against that is to start […]

Removing miscommunication with Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

When you are working for the company where every single mistake you make can cost the company hundreds, thousands or even a millions of euros or dollars then your process of developing applications for those companies mustĀ be test driven. This is especially importantĀ in the companies that have poor deployment automation process, where QA is done […]

Anti-patterns in Deploying Software

The biggest challenge in software development industry is how to turn somebody’s good idea into application as soon as possible. To do this there are techniques and good practices we have to do. We must always follow deployment pipelines.